No Zap Fly Traps

No Zap Fly Traps are Guaranteed to Solve Your Flying Insect Problems!
If, within 30 days, No Zap fly traps fail to catch and control your flying insects,
you may return the unit for a full refund

Safe, Silent & Very Effective
No Zapping Sounds
No Burning Smells
No Electrocuting Grid
Uses Nontoxic Glue Pads
All Units Comply with current FDA and USDA Codes & Guidelines for use in food prep and processing areas.

Features and Benefits of Owning a No Zap Fly Trap
Silent and Odorless: No burning smells or sparking noises. These units do not ZAP and flying insects into multiple pieces and parts; flinging their parts into food prep areas causing health concerns and food safety problems.

Flies and flying insects are totally contained in the unit: Our nontoxic sticky glue pads are lethal to flies and other flying insects, including fruit flies. Yet, they are totally safe for humans, food prep areas and areas where pets and animals are contained. No insecticides are used or needed. Our sticky glue pad traps are easy to install and use while creating no hazard to the surrounding environment. Change glue pads every 30 or as needed.

Food Safety Beneficial: No Zap flytraps attract bacteria-laden flies away from food prep and food processing areas creating a cleaner, more sanitary food-safe environment.

Energy Efficient: Our green technology engineering has created the No Zap fly trap with a very low power consumption. (Uses the same amount of energy as a standard fluorescent light fixture.)

High Quality Construction: Our No Zap fly traps are constructed of the highest quality materials for a long service life and all of our electrical components are UL listed.
glue pad fly trap
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