Night Covers for Open Coolers and Freezer Cases
Save Energy and Moneys when you use Night Covers!

open case cover
When your store is closed, does it make sense to cool the entire store with open coolers and freezer cases?
Night Covers dramatically reduce energy costs , saving you money the very first day they are installed and used!
Night Covers are easy to install and easy to use. Simply pull down and lock during your closed hours and then roll back when you open your store for business.
Our unique design blends into your case and Night Covers will not affect any of your operations during open hours and save you money when you are closed!

Conserve Energy
Extend Product Shelf Life
Save Money!
Now Choose from Vinyl or Aluminuzed Night Covers
night cover
night covers
Aluminized Night Cover
Vinyl Night Cover

Features: Tough Cylinder Action Mechanism Heavy Duty Fabric Easy Pull Down System
Includes Bottom Locking System Attractive Durable Casing Available in 4 ft. Section Only

Start Saving Energy and Money Now!

Save up to 30% on energy costs when using our Night Covers on open coolers, freezers and cases. Save on high maintenance costs Saves on compressor use Extend the life of your perishables
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