Clear Vu Swinging Walk In Doors

Clear Vu Doors for use in Walk-in Coolers

Clear Vu doors significantly reduce energy consumption and compressor workload. Clear Vu resistant doors extend product shelf life by maintaining a more consistent temperature inside walk-in coolers and freezers.

Use Clear Vu doors in food, floral or any cooler application to significantly reduce energy consumption and to stabilize air temperatures inside walk-in coolers.

Clear Vu Benefits

Clear Vu doors extend compressor life.
Clear Vu doors open with less than 1 lb. of pressure Longer Lasting and is easier to walk through than strip doors.
Clear Vu doors will not let moisture affect them, panels don't stick together like strip doors.
Clear Vu doors have two clear panels per doors for maximum visibility.
Clear Vu door panels don't drag over carried or crushed items.
Clear Vu doors control temperature better.
Our Clear Vu doors have two panels keep in more cold air than strips do.
Vertical adjustment for proper Clear Vu door door fit.
Clear Vu doors keep food fresher, safer, longer.

Clear Vu Swinging Doors Benefit

Clear Vu door plates are installed for high impact areas resistant to wear and tear when hand trucks, carts or forklifts push through doors. Clear Vu door plates made of .125 ABS can be added to both sides of ANY Clear Vu Door. Clear Vu door plates are permanently bonded to the doors

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