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Commercial Air Curtains
air curtain Commercial air curtains are available in widths ranging from 36" to 144" and for door heights of up to 8 feet high for flying insect control and 10 feet for temperature control. Models available heated.

These units keep insects, dust and fumes out while maintaining a wall like air flow that keeps temperatures separated from hot to cold. Reduce humidity and eliminate loss of cold air from open cooler and freezer doors.

Customer Entry Air Curtains
air door Our Quiet, Low Profile Air Guard units are available in widths ranging from 36" to 60 inches and for door heights of up to 99 inches.

These units come in standard white/silver/black metal housing and
simply plug into a 110V wall socket. Available in 2 speed motors.

Low profile units are 9" in height and 9" in depth. Common usage is
for customer entrances, walk-in coolers and freezers.

Industrial Air Curtains
air knife

Our Industrial air curtains are available in widths of 48" up to 12 feet and
for door heights of up to 16 feet high. Most models available heated.

Industrial units are ideal for warehouse door openings to allow for any
un-obstructive views and to allow the flow of traffic without opening and
closing doors. No need for strip doors.

Industrial units also prevent insects, dust, fumes, debris and pollen from
entering the building. The wall of air separates in climate temperatures and
wind from the outside boosting employee morale.

Heavy Duty Air Curtains
commercial air curtains These Heavy Duty air curtains are available in widths from 8 feet to 16 feet
and for heights up to 30 feet. Heated units are available.

Heavy duty air curtains create an invisible door that is able to deflect wind
gusts up to 30 mph. Internal frame of steel tubing give these units maximum structural strength.

Saves dramatically on energy usage and reduces wear on both heating
and cooling units.

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